China Project Study of Advantages of Coupling Wind Power and Electrified Space Heating in Beijing

February 18, 2014

A study led by China Project researchers CHEN Xinyu, LU Xi, and Project Chair Mike McELROY (Gilbert Butler Professor of Environmental Studies) investigates the prospects for using electrified space heating in Beijing as a form of energy storage, easing grid integration of renewable power and reducing carbon emissions and air pollution. The paper appears in Environmental Science & Technology.

pollution 2 from unsplash

The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Gazette, ClimateProgress, and South China Morning Post discuss China Project Research on Air Pollution and Carbon Taxes.

December 17, 2013

Articles in the The Wall Street Journal, ClimateProgress, the Harvard Gazette, and the South China Morning Post include comments of Chris Nielsen, Mun Ho, and/or Cao Jing on carbon taxes and China's mixed record on energy and environment, drawing on the new China Project book Clearer Skies Over China

clearing the air screenshot bookcover

Clearing the Air

July 19, 2007

Check the reviews of Clearing the Air, a Harvard China Project book on the health damages of air pollution, and comprehensive costs and benefits of taxes to control pollutants and CO2. Reporting an interdisciplinary study by Harvard University and Tsinghua University engineers, economists, and health scientists, the book is edited by Mun Ho and Chris Nielsen:


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