Jorgenson and Nielsen

Jorgenson and Nielsen on Carbon Taxes in China

June 28, 2016

Prof. Dale JORGENSON was interviewed by CaixinChina's independent news magazine, and he and Project Executive Director Chris NIELSEN were interviewed by the Harvard Gazette, about the role of taxes to meet China's carbon pricing goals given limitations of its national carbon trading scheme. The interviews followed a China Project symposium on the subject held in Beijing on May 30-31, sponsored in part by the Harvard Global Institute. 

Nature Energy Cover

Lu et al. Wind Power Study on the Cover of Nature Energy

June 4, 2016

A China Project study led by Prof. LU Xi (now at Tsinghua U.) and Project Chair Prof. Michael McELROY, comparing the challenges of wind power development in China and the U.S., is the cover article of Nature EnergyThe paper decomposes factors contributing to wind power underperformance, including curtailment, differences in turbine quality, and delayed grid connection. 

China Project Chosen by President Faust for $3.75 M Award from the Harvard Global Institute

China Project Chosen by President Faust for $3.75 M Award from the Harvard Global Institute

October 15, 2015

Harvard President Drew FAUST announced the selection of the China Project to receive the first anchor grant of the newly established Harvard Global Institute. This major award, at $1.25 M annually for 3 years with an option for renewal, will support collaborative research across disciplines and between Harvard and Chinese institutions on climate-related challenges. Led by Profs. Michael B. McELROY and Dale W. JORGENSON and managed by Project executive director Chris P. NIELSEN, the new program, China 2030/2050, includes a range of studies spanning atmospheric and climate science, energy science, economics, environmental health, history, law, and policy. It involves 17 faculty members from 5 Harvard schools and a similar number of collaborating professors in China.

New York Times and VICE News Quote Nielsen on China's CO2 and Air Pollution Control

September 21, 2015

Project Executive Director Chris NIELSEN is quoted in the New York Times questioning the permanence of any short-term peak of coal use in China, and emphasizing the dependence of China's carbon trajectory on the course of its slowing economy and policy responses. In VICE News Nielsen notes hopeful trends but also risks of difficulties in China's air quality strategies.