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Op-Ed in Fortune by Ho and Nielsen on China's Red Alert Pollution Struggles

January 10, 2017

Project Economist Mun HO and Executive Director Chris NIELSEN have an op-ed in Fortune (and in Chinese at Fortune China)on the underappreciated reasons China's red alert air pollution episodes are proving so difficult to control. Factors range from atmospheric chemistry and meteorology to economics and politics.

McElroy on New Book "Energy and Climate: Vision for the Future"

McElroy on New Book "Energy and Climate: Vision for the Future"

October 6, 2016

Michael McElroy, Gilbert Butler Professor of Environmental Studies, has long helped explain the complexities of climate to students, scholars, and government leaders. His most recent book, “Energy and Climate: Vision for the Future,” published in August by Oxford University Press, is a continuation of that work. He discussed the book in a recent interview with the Gazette.

Lu et al. Wind Power Study on the Cover of Nature Energy

Lu et al. Wind Power Study on the Cover of Nature Energy

June 4, 2016

A China Project study led by Prof. LU Xi (now at Tsinghua U.) and Project Chair Prof. Michael McELROY, comparing the challenges of wind power development in China and the U.S., is the cover article of Nature Energy. The paper decomposes factors contributing to wind power underperformance, including curtailment, differences in turbine quality, and delayed grid connection. 

Former VP Al Gore Public Lecture on Climate, the U.S., and China

Former VP Al Gore Public Lecture on Climate, the U.S., and China

April 8, 2016

Sponsored by the China Project and the Harvard Global Institute, Gore expressed optimism about progress in low-carbon energy developments and the roles played by the U.S. and China. Gore spoke on April 7 to a capacity crowd in Harvard's Sanders Theater, in the inaugural public lecture of the China 2030/2050 initiative of the Harvard China Project funded by the HGI.

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McElroy in the Harvard Gazette on the New U.S.-China Joint Statement on Climate

September 25, 2015

Prof. Mike McElroy, Project Chair, is interviewed in the Harvard Gazette about China’s latest climate commitment, how the latest U.S.-China announcement might affect the UN climate talks in Paris, and whether it might make U.S. officials more open to a national plan to curb carbon emissions. McElroy specifically addresses the Chinese plans to enact national carbon trading and to commit $3.1B in climate-related aid to developing countries.

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New York Times Cites China Project Symposium and Investigation

July 14, 2014

Changing regional climate might be increasing atmospheric stagnation in northern China in winter, contributing to recent severe haze episodes. This is an area of active investigation in the atmospheric science community, both within China and beyond. It was one topic explored at a Harvard China Project symposium, "China 2035: Energy, Climate, and Development," held June 18-19 at the Harvard Center Shanghai with leading Chinese scientists, economists, and policy analysts.

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"China 2035" Lecture Series Features Michael Spence, Robert Zoellick, and Kevin Rudd

June 5, 2014

The China Project and the Harvard University Center for the Environment launched a public lecture series titled "China 2035: Energy, Climate, and Development." The spring 2014 series included public lectures by Nobel Prize-winning economist Michael SPENCE (March 11), former World Bank President Robert ZOELLICK (April 9), and former Australian Prime Minister Kevin RUDD (April 30).

China Project Study of Advantages of Coupling Wind Power and Electrified Space Heating in Beijing

February 18, 2014

A study led by China Project researchers CHEN Xinyu, LU Xi, and Project Chair Mike McELROY (Gilbert Butler Professor of Environmental Studies) investigates the prospects for using electrified space heating in Beijing as a form of energy storage, easing grid integration of renewable power and reducing carbon emissions and air pollution. The paper appears in Environmental Science & Technology.