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About the Harvard-China Project

The China Project is a research program focused on China’s atmospheric environment, energy system, and economy, collaborating with researchers at Chinese universities and across the schools of Harvard. It conducts interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed studies related to air pollution and greenhouse gases in China, from root causes in the demand for and supply of energy to power its economy, to the chemistry and transport of pollutants in the atmosphere, to their impacts on human health and agriculture.  A fuller introduction to the China Project is here


Harvard-China Project Symposia

"Carbon Taxes in China's Future: Role and Feasibility," an interdisciplinary symposium held May 30-31, 2016, in Beijing, China. Co-sponsored by the Harvard China Project/ Harvard Global Institute and the Energy Foundation China/Innovative Green Development Program. Chaired by Prof. Dale W. JORGENSON and organized by the Harvard China Project.

"Resourceful Things: An Interdisciplinary Symposium on Resource Exploration and Exploitation in China" held April 20-22, 2016 in Cambridge and Boston, MA. Co-sponsored by the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard China Project/Harvard Global Institute, Harvard-Yenching Institute, and Boston College. Chaired and organized by Prof. ZHANG Ling of the Fairbank Center and the Department of History, Boston College.



Harvard-China Project Book

Clearer Skies CoverRead China Project research results on the economic costs and environmental benefits of prospective carbon taxes and past sulfur dioxide controls in China. Click here for book reviews (including Jan 2016 in The Energy Journal), endorsements, a description of the book, and a link to MIT Press. 

Most Highly Cited Article

How much wind power could China ideally generate, given meteorology, geography and land uses, turbine technology, and existing deployment policies? An assessment by China Project researchers of the total wind power potential in China was the cover article of ScienceThis research was led by Project Chair Michael McElroy and post-doc LU Xi, taking advantage of NASA global meteorological datasets that have been validated by hundreds of studies of atmospheric transport and chemistry. A good review on the results was in Technology Review. The study was also covered by the China Daily, major international newswires, and other news sources. These can be accessed at the renewable power research page, which also provides more information and other papers on related topics.

Harvard-China Project News

mario molina portrait

Nobelist Mario Molina Public Lecture on Air Quality in Beijing and Mexico City

February 10, 2017

A Nobel Prize-winning chemist who identified the cause of the atmospheric ozone hole has called for new studies into air pollution in the world’s megacities, arguing that differing local conditions mean the world cannot rely on cookie-cutter solutions created in highly developed cities like Los Angeles and London.


Op-Ed in Fortune by Ho and Nielsen on China's Red Alert Pollution Struggles

January 10, 2017

Project Economist Mun HO and Executive Director Chris NIELSEN have an op-ed in Fortune (and in Chinese at Fortune China) on the underappreciated reasons China's red alert air pollution episodes are proving so difficult to control. Factors range from atmospheric chemistry and meteorology to economics and politics. Research referenced in the article include ...

Jorgenson and Nielsen

Jorgenson and Nielsen on Carbon Taxes in China

June 28, 2016

Prof. Dale JORGENSON was interviewed by CaixinChina's independent news magazine, and he and Project Executive Director Chris NIELSEN were interviewed by the Harvard Gazette, about the role of taxes to meet China's carbon pricing goals given limitations of its national carbon trading scheme. The interviews followed a China Project symposium on the subject held in Beijing on May 30-31, sponsored in part by the Harvard Global Institute. 

Nature Energy Cover

Lu et al. Wind Power Study on the Cover of Nature Energy

June 4, 2016

A China Project study led by Prof. LU Xi (now at Tsinghua U.) and Project Chair Prof. Michael McELROY, comparing the challenges of wind power development in China and the U.S., is the cover article of Nature EnergyThe paper decomposes factors contributing to wind power underperformance, including curtailment, differences in turbine quality, and delayed grid connection. 


Harvard-China Project Special Event: Mario Molina Public Lecture

Harvard-China Project Featured in Nature Index, with Video

Nature Index Video

The China Project is featured in the cover article of Nature Index 2016 gauging the success of international research collaborations. It spotlights new Project-supported research by the Wofsy-Munger group on the carbon cycle and how forest ecosystems respond to stress using models based on observational sites in China and the US. The video includes interviews (above) with senior research fellow Bill MUNGER and students LIU Jialin and Archana DAYALU at Harvard Forest.


The uncertain future of energy and climate

China Project chair Michael McELROY discusses a world without fossil fuels, the economics of changing energy systems, and the impact President-elect Donald Trump may have on the future of energy and climate.

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