Summer Programs

  • fieldwork2

    Andrei Iliescu, Tsinghua University

    Andrei examines sediment as his team works to survey groundwater contamination in a village in Pinyao, Shanxi Province, China

  • beattie

    Shannon Beattie, Tsinghua University

    Shannon prepares dinner after fieldwork. She and her team installed a system to treat arsenic-polluted groundwater in Pingyao

  • group

    Harvard-China Project Summer Research Assistants in Beijing

    Andrei Iliescu, Aditya Mahadevan, Irene Lu, China Project Program Manager Tiffany Chan, Julia Henry, Caleb Ren, Katie Schluntz

  • mongolia

    Irene Lu and Julia Henry, Tsinghua University

    Irene and Julia visit Inner Mongolia during their summer-long environmental research program

  • great wall

    Summer Research Assistants Explore the Great Wall

    Left to right: Shannon Beattie, Irene Lu, Julia Henry, Aditya Mahadevan

  • china

    Summer Research Assistants Explore Beijing

    Left to right: Andrei Iliescu, Irene Lu, Caleb Ren, Aditya Mahadevan

  • Drew P

    Andrew Pendergrass, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Drew Pendergrass (second from left) worked on ozone's relationship with meteorological conditions with Prof Amos Tai (left)

  • hong kong

    Andrew Pendergrass, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Drew explores Hong Kong during his summer research experience

China's Environmental Challenges: Summer Undergraduate Research Assistantships in China 2020

Interested in conducting environmental research at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China with full funding?

The Harvard-China Project, based at the Harvard Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, in conjunction with the Harvard Global Institute, has developed unique summer opportunities  in the past years for Harvard undergraduates to travel to Beijing, China to learn about and experience firsthand the international dimensions of environmental and climate challenges. All student participants are expected to receive full funding from the Office of Career Services and the Harvard Global Institute as part of a grant to the Harvard-China Project.

  • In 2018, eight undergraduates undertook summer-long research assistantships at Tsinghua University in Beijing and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  • Students worked in the labs of English-speaking faculty advisors on topics ranging from the potential of algae as a zero-carbon energy source, to the economic challenges of China’s carbon trading scheme.
  • Some of the students also ventured to rural Shanxi province to build groundwater arsenic filters for villagers.

Depending on the level of interest among Harvard students and availability of our Chinese institutional partners, the Harvard-China Project is likely to offer a summer opportunity in 2020 similar to the one in 2018. More details will be announced by late December 2019. Sign up  for our list serv to receive more information as it becomes available!


Contact Cody Yiu, Program Administrator at the Harvard-China Project, at

About Our Past Programs

2018 Program

Visit the Harvard Gazette summary, which featured students' perspectives on their research experiences.

About the 2017 Program

Learn more about our 2017 summer program, which sent thirty Harvard College undergraduate students to Tsinghua University for a two-week intensive summer program on China's environmental challenges.