Harvard President Faust Meets Chinese President Xi; Highlights China Project in Speech at Tsinghua

March 18, 2015
Drew Faust photo

The meeting of Presidents XI Jinping and Drew FAUST and the speech at Tsinghua University both emphasized the challenges of combating global climate change and the role of U.S.-Chinese partnerships, citing the Harvard China Project as a model academic collaboration.

The meeting of the presidents also stressed the need to educate a new generation of leaders and included President Faust's invitation for President Xi to visit Harvard later in 2015. 

Faust’s speech at Tsinghua University (full text here in English and Chinese) featured the China Project and cited a number of its research activities. Faust also spotlighted two long-time Project researchers, economist CAO Jing and atmospheric chemist WANG Yuxuan, both of whom earned Harvard Ph.D.s and now continue central roles in China Project research as collaborating faculty at Tsinghua. (CAO is an associate professor at Tsinghua’s School of Economics and Management, and WANG is an associate professor at its Center for Earth System Science.)

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