Harvard-China Project Welcomes New Fellows

October 1, 2019
Group 2

Six new fellows joined the Harvard-China Project, and will spend the next year tackling a variety of climate-related issues. 

The incoming researchers include:

Shi Chen

Shi Chen

1) Hometown (City & Province): Ji'an City & Jilin Province

2) Home Institution: Tsinghua University

3) Research Interests: Renewable energy and climate change

4) An interesting fact about Shi: She finished a Half Marathon with a personal best of 01:56:33

Haiyang Lin

Haiyang Lin

1) Hometown (City & Province): Weifang, Shandong

2) Home Institution: Institute of Thermal Science and Technology, Shandong University

3) Research Interests: Multi-energy system management, agent-based modeling, and smart electric vehicles.

4) An interesting fact about Haiyang: He is the best barbecuer, who majored in heat transfer.

Haotian Zheng

Haotian Zheng

1. Hometown (City & Province): Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China.

2. Home Institution: Tsinghua University.

3. Research Interests:  Emission inventory, chemical transport model and health risk of air pollution.

4) Interesting facts about Haotian: He has a twin sister who is just like the opposite, girl version of him. He has been playing ping pong since the age of six. And he never cooks, though he has tried many different kinds of hamburger - his favorite is beef cheeseburger. Lastly, he has read most of the novels written by Haruki Murakami (2 left).

Wei Qi

Wei Qi

1) Hometown: Zibo City, Shandong Province.

2) Home Institution: School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University.

3) Research Interests: Environmental Economics.

4) An interesting fact about Wei: He loves swimming and painting.

Yingying Lu

Yingying Lu

1) Hometown (City & Province): Deyang, Sichuan Province

2) Home Institutions: Harvard Graduate School of Design, Tsinghua University, North China University of Technology

3) Research Interests: Active transport and healthy city

4) An interesting fact about Yingying: She loves playing basketball and having Sichuan hotpot!

Xi Yang

Xi Yang

1) Hometown (City & Province): Nanjing, Jiangsu

2) Home Institution: Tsinghua University; China University of Petroleum Beijing; Mines ParisTech

3) Research Interests: Energy system modeling, Technology trade-off; Natural gas

4) An interesting fact about Xi: She does Chinese painting and is passionate about promoting low-carbon lifestyles.


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