China & Environment Climate Courses

August 17, 2020
China Climate Courses

The Harvard-China Project on Energy, Economy and Environment, based at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, has a community of faculty, visiting scholars, and postdoctoral researchers listed on our Contributors page. The following is a list of fall China + Environment courses taught by faculty affiliated with the Harvard-China Project.

ESPP 90N. Addressing the Global Climate Crisis: Challenges for Both Developed and Developing Economies
(Professor Michael McElroy, SEAS and FAS Earth and Planetary Sciences)
This seminar will discuss the nature of the climate challenge and the implications it poses for different communities and different parts of the world. Mitigating negative impacts of human induced climate change will require an urgent transition from the current global fossil fuel-based energy economy to one based on renewable alternatives. Possibilities include wind, solar, hydro, biomass and potentially nuclear. The seminar will review options with specific attention to differences in the challenges faced by developed economies such as the US and Europe and large developing economies such as China, India and parts of Africa. Can we chart a feasible path to net zero global carbon emissions by 2050?

ECON 980FF. Economics of the Coronavirus
(Professor Dale Jorgenson, FAS Economics)
The objective of Economics 980FF is to analyze the consequences of the coronavirus for the sustainable growth of the world economy. The coronavirus first appeared as a disease in December 2019 in Wuhan, the capital city of the province of Hubei in China. The population of Wuhan is eleven million of the total population of Hubei of sixty million. At first the disease spread gradually, but growth accelerated rapidly within Hubei and within six months had become a global pandemic, infecting six million people and causing almost 370,000 deaths in countries around the world. This is described by Lawrence Lau and Yan Yan Xiong in their forthcoming monograph, The Covid-19 Epidemic in China.

SES 5330. Healthy Places: COVID-19 and Cities
(Professor Ann Forsyth, Harvard Graduate School of Design)
The connections between health, well-being, and place are complex. This class uses COVID-19 as a starting point for examining how to make healthier places. It examines the health situation in different kinds of places and among key population groups. It explores how to assess environments and how to make changes that reflect knowledge from multiple disciplines and from local people.

Please note: Course information is subject to change - for a list of up-to-date courses, visit the University's course catalog.