Op-Ed in Fortune by Ho and Nielsen on China's Red Alert Pollution Struggles

January 10, 2017

Project Economist Mun HO and Executive Director Chris NIELSEN have an op-ed in Fortune (and in Chinese at Fortune China) on the underappreciated reasons China's red alert air pollution episodes are proving so difficult to control. Factors range from atmospheric chemistry and meteorology to economics and politics. Research referenced in the article include ... the following sources:

On China's success at reducing SO2 and NOX emissions and the air quality implications:

On trends in PM2.5 levels in Beijing, a source reporting the official data is:

On the role of ammonia and NOX in offsetting SO2 and sulfate reductions in North China:

On the possible PM2.5-radiation feedback on the stability of the atmosphere (planetary boundary layer):

    On effects of changing East Asian winter monsoon (and Siberian High) on North China haze episodes:

      On China's most recent commitment to renewable power expansion: