The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Gazette, ClimateProgress, and South China Morning Post discuss China Project Research on Air Pollution and Carbon Taxes.

December 17, 2013
pollution 2 from unsplash

Articles in the The Wall Street Journal, ClimateProgress, the Harvard Gazette, and the South China Morning Post include comments of Chris Nielsen, Mun Ho, and/or Cao Jing on carbon taxes and China's mixed record on energy and environment, drawing on the new China Project book Clearer Skies Over China

One figure in the SCMP article ("would cut emissions by a whopping 19 per cent by 2020") is incorrect. The figure is from the carbon tax assessments in chapter 3 of Clearer Skies Over China: Reconciling Air Quality, Climate, and Economic Goals (2013 MIT Press). The estimated 19% reduction is not in absolute terms, but is measured against a base case projection of emissions without a carbon tax. 

Chris Nielsen is the executive director of the Harvard China Project. Mun S. HO and CAO Jing work with Professor Dale Jorgenson to lead the economics component of the China Project; both based in Beijing, Ho is a visiting scholar in the Harvard China Project and Cao is an associate professor in the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University.